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Easy Dome Covers - Comes in Blue or Camo design. For customers who desire complete maintenance free winters

Hurricane Covers - Comes in Blue, Camo or Tan. For customers who just want a better cover that will not blow off and drains all the water off naturaly. 

Pool Products

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Pool Protection

Protect your swimming pool and water from all the elements with one of our Heavy Duty, Patented Pocket designed covers from Easy Dome Pool Covers LLC in Henderson, Kentucky. The only pool covers that come with a 60 MPH wind guarantee. Everything needed for installation is included.

Unigue Cover Drain - Now Included!

Keep all the water and debris off your pool cover without using a cover pump or syphon hose or extension cords with our unigue and reliable cover drains. Our cover drains will keep all the water off our covers and make opening your pool a breeze.

More Than Five Years in Business

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Why Purchase an Easydome Pool Cover

Learn about Easy Dome Pool Covers LLC - 2016

Easy Dome Pool Covers LLC in Henderson, Kentucky, offers the next generation of above ground pool covers as a solution to the number one problem common among pool owners, pool accessory distributors, and pool manufacturers  a dependable above-ground pool cover. After 35 years of experience, we finally have come up with reliable pool covers that withstand winds up to 60 miles per hour. Our products are made from durable materials, and features all of the accessories needed for a complete installation. Count on all of our Pool Covers to maintain the integrity of your swimming pool during bad weather conditions all year round. Make your pool a pleasure to open instead of a nightmare.

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